Take44 Employer Onboarding
UX • UI • Illustration

Take 44

Simplifying the experience

for insurance brokers, companies, and employees

Take44 is building NextAgency, a platform that seeks to streamline insurance for those who sell it, buy it, and use it. They're also tackling HR problems, like payroll and time-tracking. Essentially, they're setting up to compete with Zenefits, except instead of removing brokers from the process, NextAgency focuses on supporting traditional brokers by building tools that make sales easier.

I was asked to lead the user interface design and user experience for NextAgency. The biggest challenge was to figure out how to take UX patterns that brokers are used to from legacy CRMs and improve on them without forcing users to endure a steep learning curve. My design solutions had to be elegant and simple to use while maintaining the complexity of older, more established products that users expect.

High-fidelity designs

After a few rounds of review, I'd jump into the high-fidelity designs. They wanted the designs to communicate the sturdyness of enterprise software, but without the visual clutter. I chose a simple palette with friendly but neutral and professional colors. I peppered interfaces with collages of fun illustrations and icons that help to bring both lightness and meaning to the complex and specialized terminology.

Where’s Take44 now?

They’re still preparing for launch, but you can visit their landing page below.

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